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online document, collaboration, planning


Doc Meister is an online tool used to put your documents online, typically so people you choose can view and comment on it anytime and from anywhere

With Doc Meister, you break your document into document elements that become records in a database. This allows you to specify how these document elements will be automatically assembled together into documents for viewing online or printing. You can also specify different versions of a document element, for example different languages, and show those versions to users according to their preferences. You can allow certain users to see restricted versions of a document element.

Doc Meister allows users to find the document element they seek through a:

  1. table of contents as at the beginning of a book, with sub-headings to any level,

  2. alphabetical keyword index as at the back of a book, with sub-keywords to any level and cross-indexed keywords allowing users to find the document element listed under many different keywords, and

  3. simple text search of any matching words or phrases.

You can provide the URL of a specific document element in an email to someone you wish to focus on one element of your planning process.

The document elements support rich formatting going well beyond text. A spreadsheet graph or any other document component can be included as a picture. Links and lists are supported. Virtually any HTML construct can be used within any document element.

Doc Meister also supports version control, allowing you to produce a snapshot of the developing document as of any point in time. For meetings, you can print a copy of the online document, in whole or by section ranges.

For more info on how to use Doc Meister in operation, see our Features page.

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